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  • Cyclops with Shimano Sante

    ’83 Cyclops with Shimano Sante


    Without hesitation, we can say this bicycle is a stunning example of Canadian cycling heritage. The Cyclops brand is well known for its meticulous paint jobs and selection of premium tube sets, often mixing and matching different tube sets to accomplish custom ride qualities for different riders.

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  • Bianchi Limited with Campy

    ’88 Bianchi Limited with Campy


  • Bianchi Campy Custom

    ’91 Bianchi Campy Custom


    Checkout this lovingly restored 1991 Bianchi. Decked out with a Campagnolo drivetrain and shifters (Campagyolo more like it…), this beast has reached bike porn worthy status. In addition, we finished it off with a Brooks saddle, bar wrap and toe straps. Come see us in the shop to take it for a test ride. At $1200, this bike will make a drool-worthy addition to any collection. See below for more specs.

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  • Peugeot Triathlon Bike

    ’91 Peugeot Triathlon


  • Sale! Devinci Tosca RC

    2015 Devinci Tosca RC

    $1,899.00 $1,299.00

    Tosca’s impressive history stems real-world R&D, and includes a Cyclocross World Championship win. Designed and assembled in Canada, the 2015 Cyclocross series features stop-on-a-dime disc brakes, a new tapered headtube, and curvaceous frame architecture for added comfort when shouldering your rig over burly obstacles or up a flight of stairs.

  • Sale! Kona Coco Commuter 2016

    2015 Kona Coco

    $775.00 $649.00

    Bikes to bridge two worlds. Borrowing from the toughness of mountain biking and the elegance of asphalt, we offer the Splice, bikes that meet you in the middle. From old trail to fresh blacktop and every type of riding in between.

  • Raleigh Lily 20

    2015 Raleigh Lily 20″


    With hand brakes for secure stopping and 6-speeds for finding the right gear on climbs and descents, the Lily will inspire a life-long love of mountain biking. The Lily is an aluminum frame in a feminine and mature Black and Pink paint scheme.

  • Sale! Raleigh Tamland 2 2015

    2015 Raleigh Tamland 2

    $2,800.00 $1,800.00

    The Tamland isn't just a 'cross bike with gravel tires. The Tamland is designed with everything gravel in mind. Whether you're at the start of your next gravel epic, or you're taking the long way home on the gravel road across town, the Tamland will track through everything beneath you like it is made from the very gravel it is carrying you over. The Tamland has plenty of clearance for tires, it will even take some MTB tires, and the longer chainstays provide a stable platform to keep you upright while you let the Tamland get loose on those gravel descents.

  • Sale! Kona Dew 2016

    2016 Kona Dew

    $599.00 $549.00

    Our base model Dew—the same smooth-riding, confidence-inspiring, smile-cracking frame geometry as the rest of our Dew line but with a component selection that makes this bike profoundly affordable. You’ll be laughing out loud as you whiz by car-bound, traffic-stuck commuters, on your way to glory.

  • Kona Rove AL 2016

    2016 Kona Rove AL


    The trail doesn’t end. Nor does the road. That’s where the Rove AL comes in. Really smart, able to go where your legs and lungs can take you. A light and efficient alloy frame, with rack and fender mounts that give you every option to jump on your bike and go. Then go some more.

    “The multiple mudguard and rack mounts give this bike so much more potential.” -Cycling Active UK