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SGC Celaris

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The Celaris is designed and manufactured by SGC Bicycle Manufacturing Inc, a Walkerville based bicycle manufacturer which employs a new paradigm for bicycle frame construction to assemble high quality, lightweight and durable city bicycles with distinctive design and low cost.

See what our local paper the Windsor Star has to say about the SGC Celaris.

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Product Description

Widely used throughout Europe and rapidly growing in popularity in North America, city bicycles are designed for frequent short, moderately paced rides through crowded, urban areas with a frame geometry that keeps the rider in a relaxed upright position with a good view of the surrounding area.

Robert Coyle, SGC co-founder and designer, says “Help us start something bold. I’m proud to be from Windsor and to design and build this bicycle in my hometown, a city which has pioneered transportation for over a century. We’ve redesigned the traditional city bike from the ground up. The Celaris will appeal to design conscious inhabitants of city core neighbourhoods in larger urban areas which have high ‘walkability’ and where cycling is a regular part of daily life”.

The Celaris’ innovative frame employs a patented monocoque design manufactured from formed stainless steel assembled with aerospace bonding agents. Monocoque design has long been used in aircraft and race car construction, providing a high strength lightweight structure whereby loads are supported through an object’s external skin.

SGC will challenge the dominant heavy frame paradigm for city bicycles by allowing a mass market to enjoy a sturdy and lightweight frame, an advantage that has been previously limited to high end road racing, mountain bike and touring bicycles. The design will match or exceed the weights currently possible with metal tubing and carbon fibre frame construction while significantly lowering production costs.

Completed bicycles will be fabricated by combining SGC’s proprietary locally built frames with high quality imported components. SGC’s pre-production model will come as a three speed model. You can secured one of your vary own for $1495 with an approximate delivery of June 15, 2017 by ordering through City Cyclery.

SGC Bicyle Manufacturing was incorporated in August 2015 by Robert Coyle, Denis Buj and Peter Burton.

For more information contact Robert Coyle at 226-344-5004.


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