We think the key to a great bike shop is having a team that is knowledgeable and friendly. Come by and talk to us about anything, from bikes to the meaning of life, we have you covered.

Ron Drouillard, Owner, City Cyclery


Shop Owner

Expertise: Vintage bikes / Cyclocross.
First Bike: Norco Monterey 105 & Kona Fire Mountain
Favourite Bike: Raleigh Tamland 2
Turn Ons: Vintage bikes – CCM / Raleigh / road.
Turn Offs: Bike thieves
Fav Quote: “do or do not. There is no try” (Yoda)

Ben, Head Mechanic, City Cyclery


Head Mechanic

Expertise: Mountain Bikes
Favourite Bike: LaPierre XR 929 Utimate
Turn Ons: High-end mountain bikes and down hill trails 
Turn Offs: Road riding
Fav Quote: “How much dirt could a dirt bike jump if a dirt bike could jump dirt…Braaaap!”

Bradd, Sales, City Cyclery



Expertise: Road/Gravel/Fixies
Favourite Bike: Low// Pursuit
Turn Ons: Silent Bicycles
Turn Offs: Rude People
Fav Quote: “You only yolo once, yoloswag.”

Ben, Junior Mechanic, City Cyclery

Little Ben – The Wolf

Mechanic in Training

Expertise: Road Bikes, Bike Cleaning and Detailing – Aspiring Mechanic
Favourite Bike: Colnago AC-R
Turn Ons: A clean workstation and a cleaner bike
Turn Offs: Dirty drive trains
Fav Quote: “Oh really…?”

Kyara – The Landlord

Expertise: Security, Sleeping, and Sales
Favourite Bike: I’m a kat…
Turn Ons: Human food and half/half cream.
Turn Offs: Human’s that don’t respect my personal space.
Fav Quote: “Blood for cream right meow!”

Jonathan (Jon)

Sales/ Mechanic

Expertise: Mountain bikes, Hybrids
Favourite Bike: Kona Jake series
Turn Ons: Peanut Butter
Turn Offs: Mosquitoes
Fav Quote: “Baggies for life”



Favourite Bike: Commencal Trail
Turn Ons: Raceface, High pressure
Turn Offs: Ashfault, pavement
Fav Quote: “Flat pedals win medals”


Intern/ Sales

Our new eager and enthusiastic intern from France who is here to improve her English spoken skills while introducing to us her culture, language, and lifestyle.

Favourite Bike: Pure City
Turn Ons: Bananas
Turn Offs: Rain
Fav Quote: “Minou chat”



Sales/ Mechanic 

Expertise: Mountain bikes
Favourite Bike: Kona Honzo Ti
Turn Ons: Singlespeeds and cantilever brakes
Turn Offs: Mud
Fav Quote: “Turn this thing off! I’m dry!”

Shravani (Shrav)

Co-op Marketing/ Sales

Favourite Bike: Kona Rove
Turn Ons: Travel
Turn Offs: Silent treatment
Fav Quote: “Jeeeezzz”