From May 18, 2017

The Cool Kona Coco

The trendy, sophisticated, and definition of comfortable is in town; Kona Coco has added a new face to the commuter bike world. Aluminium-frame with a Shimano 9-speed drivetrain, disc brakes, and fenders to top this mixed-style commuter bike. All urbanite women out there, here is your ideal bike that you have been looking for.

The lightweight aluminium frame is what any apartment-dwelling commuter could hope for. Minimum maintenance on the simple drivetrain. Finally, a dashing, fashionable sky blue color to gel in with the outdoors this Spring, Summer, and until Fall.

Speedy Kona Road Bike – Paddy Wagon 3

Encompassed with steel, alloy, and rubber, a rider need not worry about carbon fiber. Practical three speed gears giving a rider the experience and endurance for the flat roads, great mudguard clearance, and minimum maintenance. The Kona Paddy Wagon 3 is the ultimate fun this Spring and Summer! Hence, buckle up, get your cycling gear on, and set out on a new adventure with the Paddy Wagon 3 to enjoy some clear skies and cool breeze.